Your beloved Athril, dearest friend of Brannon...when Athril fought you, you killed him.

Celaena Sardothien to Maeve - Heir of Fire

Athril was a former lover and Fae warrior of Maeve.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Athril's early life, other than that he met Brannon and Maeve at some point and befriended them, eventually falling in love with Maeve.

Heir of Fire

Celaena repeatedly asks the outpost's storyteller, Emrys, for stories about Maeve. In the stories, Maeve is said to have helped Brannon Galathynius and her love Athril recover the Wyrdkeys from Valg possession. Maeve later gifted the Wyrdkeys to Brannon for safe-keeping after the Valg killed Athril, an act that grieved Maeve greatly.

When Maeve has Rowan Whitethorn whipped to coerce Celaena into giving up the location of a Wyrdkey, Celaena displays her power and reveals to Maeve that she knows the truth of what happened. Maeve sought out the Wyrdkeys to wield them as a source of power and, rather than being an ally, pursued Brannon and Athril to take the keys from them. Maeve killed Athril when he fought back against her, and her shame and grief weakened her enough for Brannon to steal the keys and disappear.

Queen of Shadows

Celaena, going as Aelin, is berated by Lorcan Salvaterre who reveals that Athril's ring served as protection from Valg possession. Aelin, having given it to Maeve in exchange for Rowan, realises that the Fae queen didn't simply want it because of it being an heirloom.

Tower of Dawn

Chaol mentions Athril's ring to Yrene Towers when explaining the Valg to her. He told Yrene that the ring granted Athril immunity from the Valg, but was lost to history until Aelin found it. They eventually piece together that Athril's ring was not made by Mala Fire-Bringer, but by Goddess of Healing, Silba.


Nothing is known about Athril's personality. As a warrior and friend of Brannon Galathynius, it can be assumed that he was honorable and loyal.

Physical description

Not much is known about Athril's appearance. As Fae, it is assumed that he had sharp, elongated canines, pointed ears and was good-looking.

Skills and Abilities

  • Fae Physiology: As Fae, Athril had enhanced senses of sight, smell and hearing, and the ability to heal at a faster rate than humans. He also had enhanced reflexes and elongated canines.
  • Secondary Animal Form: His secondary form is that of an owl.
  • Magic: He was blessed by Silba, Goddess of Healing. It is assumed he may also be proficient at the healing arts.
  • Combat Skills: As a warrior Athril was likely skilled in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat.


  • Athril had a ring that protected the wearer from Valg possession, though it is unknown how it was made.
  • His sword, Goldryn, was taken and hidden by Brannon until Aelin finds it and uses it.