The Assassin's Keep, simply called the Keep, is an elegant, pale, and sweeping manor home in the upper-class section of southwestern Rifthold. It is the headquarters of the Assassin's Guild, formerly led by Arobynn Hamel.


Below the manor, the Assassin's Keep has several underground chambers. The Council Room, the meeting room for Arobynn's seven most trusted assassins, is located here. The Council Room has a long table, marble floors, a grand fireplace, and a glass chandelier.

Inside is a grand marble foyer. The foyer has vaulted ceilings, glass chandeliers, and the marble floors are polished so brightly you can see your reflection. Just past this are the double doors of Arobynn's study. It smells like fresh-cut flowers and baking bread that barely masks the tang of metal. There's a "lightning-crisp feeling of violence throughout."[1]

The study contains a massive desk, chairs in front of the desk, shelving, floor-to-ceiling windows flanking once side, the other walls are paneled in wood, and a rug.

The Keep is surrounded hedges flanking a towering wrought-iron fence. There is a curving gravel drive of gray stones and a well-kept front garden, guarded by Arobynn's hired assassins.[2] The front doors are made from carved, polished oak. On the right side are the stables.


Not much about the Keep's history is known. It is presumed that Arobynn Hamel had the Keep built himself. It was already in use when Terrasen fell.

After the death of Arobynn Hamel, the Keep was given to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius as part of Arobynn's will, which had been altered. Aelin later sold the Keep to the assassins Tern, Harding, and Mullin, thereby passing on ownership to them.[3]


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