The Assassins' Guild is an Erilean organization of assassins. Its headquarters are located in Rifthold at the Assassin's Keep. The Guild itself trains and employs all of the assassins of the continent.


Pitting the assassins against each other, the Guild encourages cutthroat behavior. While fellow assassins are allies, they are first and foremost enemies to be watched. Weakness is never to be shown at any cost. Brutality is rewarded. As words are just as deadly as steel, education and culture are equally important.[1]

Change in Leadership

After Arobynn was killed by Lysandra, Aelin was present at the reading of his will in the Keep. She was named as the sole beneficiary of Arobynn's assets, fortune and holdings, to the chagrin of Tern and his associates. She sold the Keep and the Guild back to the three assassins, making Tern, Harding and Mullin the new Kings of the Assassins. She then used the money to raise an army for Terrasen.


A small council of Arobynn Hamel's most trusted assassins consisted of:


  • Aelin was named the beneficiary after switching Arobynn's will. In the original, Tern was named as the sole beneficiary, which would have made him King of the Assassins.


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