Arghun is the eldest son of the khagan of the Southern Continent, Urus.


During his life, Arghun became a true politician, ingratiating himself into the viziers' company and becoming beloved amongst the merchants and power-brokers of the Southern Continent. He accumulated a ring of spies to gather information for him, as knowledge is what he values the most. Arghun chose to oversee his father's thirty-six viziers rather than become a warrior.

Eighteen months before Chaol and Nesryn's arrival in Antica, Arghun visited a vizier's estate and was almost killed by a rogue group from a disgruntled kingdom. His life was saved, but the battle resulted in one of his guards, Shen, losing his arm.[1]

Tower of Dawn

Arghun is present alongside his family when Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq arrive in Antica. Having informed his father beforehand of the attack on Rifthold by Erawan's army, Arghun watches smugly as Urus relays this to Chaol, pleased by his reaction. He departs to his rooms after the meeting, and Chaol follows him, determined to find out whatever he knows about the attack. Arghun guesses his intention and refuses to say anything, stating that it would send the wrong message for them to be seen talking, and that his information was true. He then leaves his room, infuriating Chaol.

Arghun attends dinner that night with his family, and gives no indication of Chaol's meeting with him that afternoon. He mocks Kashin when his brother tells Chaol of Yrene Towers' achievements, commenting on how he trips over himself. He later shuts down a conversation between Kashin and Chaol after the former begins revealing important things about his army.

At another dinner a few weeks later, Arghun lecherously eyes Yrene when she appears dressed up. He tries to talk to Hasar about it, but she ignores him. Once dinner concludes, Arghun summons the dancers and opiates to begin a party, and spends the night surrounded by flatterers and being fondled by servants.

Arghun travels with his parents to the seaside to escape the summer heat, and returns two weeks later to attend yet another dinner. Conspiring with Hasar, the two ambush Chaol with news that Aelin fought Maeve's army and is now sailing down the coast to Eyllwe, burning villages. Arghun jumps at the chance to discredit Aelin in his father's eyes, citing her as an irresponsible and foolish leader. He acts smugly when his father agrees with him.

After Duva is revealed to be possesed by a Valg, Arghun doesn't believe it and vehemently states that there's nothing wrong with her, and Chaol has lied. Kashin angrily tells him that he would know better if he bothered to pay attention to her. Arghun keeps silent, but still asks Duva if it's the truth when she is healed, earning glares from those present.

Arghun remains in Antica with Duva while his siblings sail to Erilea to fight in the war.


Arghun is cold and calculating, and prides himself on knowing things before others. He can be sadistic, and amuses himself with the reactions people have to what he tells them. Despite this, he seems to care about the empire, but doesn't show much affection for his family.

Physical Description

Arghun is slender and tall, with the traditional black hair of his people. He has a narrow face, and cold eyes.



  • Arghun has a network of spies that gather information for him.


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