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Antica, also known as Milas Agia, is a city located on the Southern Continent.

Antica is the largest city on the Southern Continent, and is the home to the Torre Cesme, which houses the best mortal healers in the world. The people of Antica claim that the city was built by the hands of gods, hence the name Milas Agia which means god-city.[1]


Antica is a bustling port-city on the northern coast of the Southern Continent. Centuries of rule by the khaganate dynasty has allowed Antica to prosper into a center of trade and culture, and as such its appearance differs greatly from street to street, its citizens benefiting from the exchange of cultures to build their homes and businesses in a myriad of styles. The city is untouched by war or famine but still is protected by high walls of white stone. Buildings in the city range from simple structures of earthen brick to sprawling domes with courtyards and pools, all with the same pale color in design, giving Antica a bright appearance in the sunlight and a dull blue at dusk.

Beyond the city walls lie wheat fields and olive groves. The land outside of Antica is littered with country estates and small towns. To the north of Antica lies the desert, and to the south, mountains through which a twist of rivers stretches.


Situated on the coast close to a vast desert, Antica experiences extremely dry, arid conditions year-round. To combat this heat, small wind-catching towers called bidgiers were built and installed on buildings throughout the city, creating the effect of a thousand spears jutting up from the city. These towers work in conjunction with the few underground canals in Antica to cool the air and distribute it through the city's lower levels.

Antica has no real winter; the closest to snow the city sees is a dust of frost upon the lavender trees, and only at the city's highest point in the courtyard of the Torre Cesme.


In terms of geography, Antica is built upon land that is littered with small hills. Because of this, the city has many sloping districts, and its streets are sloped and narrow. The Khaganate Palace rests atop one of these hills but is ultimately looked down upon by the largest hill in the city, the Torre Cesme.


Antica was founded at least two thousand years ago, having existed long before the khaganate conquered it and began its thousand-year rule. During these dark times, the city was often attacked and passed from one ruler to another; not all of these invaders were kind, and the citizens suffered.

Before Antica was founded, the land belonged to the Fae, who had built a small and petty kingdom on the coast before the ruks, horse-lords, and other human tribes arrived. After this kingdom's destruction, Antica was built on the ruins of its capital city.


Antica is a city where cultures meet and grow together. Under the rule of the khaganate, no religions or cultures are forbidden or persecuted, and all citizens are free to worship as they please. Because of this, Antica boasts a wide selection of temples available for worship. All the flavors of the Southern Continent converge on Antica, and the city is full of street vendors selling all manner of spices, foods, and goods.

While all gods are worshiped in the god-city, the most popular are the thirty-six gods of Antica, who have many festivals and celebrations devoted to them. The khagan's palace has thirty-six minarets.

Notable locations

Torre Cesme

Main article: Torre Cesme

The Torre Cesme is an old tower located on a hill in Antica. It serves as an academy for healers and overlooks the entire city.

Notable residents



  • Nesryn Faliq's family is from Antica. She still has family living the Runni Quarter, home to merchants and tradesmen.
  • Antica is the seat of the Khagan, Urus.