Anneith is the goddess of knowledge and slow deaths.


Anneith was originally one of the twelve otherworldly beings who became trapped in Erilea after wandering through a Wyrdgate. After Mala Fire-Bringer created the Lock and died, she became a god once again, and the gods struck a bargain with Brannon to use the Lock to seal the Wyrdkeys and send them back. They would take Erawan with them, and destroy him in their realm. However, Elena stole the Lock, using it only to contain Erawan. As a consequence, Elena was forced by the gods to remain as a spirit for millennia and help one of her descendants forge a new Lock. However, that would require the person to die. That person was revealed to be Aelin Galathynius.

Anneith was the consort of Hellas, and she constantly watched over Elide Lochan, giving her advice and guiding her along the path that would lead her to Aelin in order to help the queen fulfill her destiny of reforming the Lock.

Queen of Shadows

While thinking about how easily she manipulated Morath's, Elide recalls her old nurse Finnula telling her that her ability to manipulate others is a gift from Anneith. She remembers that she never told Finnula how she often prayed to Anneith to grant slow deaths to those who wronged her, as the goddess was known for her brutal, bloody treatment of enemies.

After Asterin Blackbeak reveals Elide's hidden witch heritage to her, she prays to Anneith that the Third is wrong. During a conversation with Manon Blackbeak later she thinks of Anneith as being her companion, when the Wing Leader mentions that everyone has someone behind them.

After her escape from Morath, Elide sends a quick prayer to Anneith for wisdom and guidance; she swears she feels a warm hand straighten her spine and lift her chin before she starts her journey home.

Empire of Storms

Elide prays to Anneith throughout her journey north to Terrasen. When she meets Lorcan Salvaterre, Elide feels that Anneith is with her, guiding her and helping her on her journey when they come to an inn and find a caravan to travel with. Lorcan picks up on Elide's observant nature and comes to the conclusion that Anneith herself must have taught her to look, listen and lie.

Anneith later appears in a vision granted to Manon and Aelin by the witch mirror; in it they see Anneith and her brethren surround Elena after she misuses the Lock. Anneith, described as the one who sees all with wise, calm eyes, suggests they repay their betrayal by the "earth beasts" by releasing Erawan from his coffin. Elena pleads for them not to do that.

Kingdom of Ash

While searching for Aelin with Rowan, Lorcan, and Gavriel, Elide notes that Anneith has gone silent since the events in Eyllwe, only barely letting Elide feel her presence. When Rowan captures one of Maeve's commanders and tortures him for information, Anneith speaks to Elide; something that she had never done before. She whispers to see, which becomes a common conversation between the two as events progress, until Elide realizes—once she learns of the gods' deal with Elena—that Anneith has perhaps been telling her to see what might happen if the gods don't get their way. She concludes that Anneith didn't care about her, and only wanted to ensure things happened as she wanted. The goddess remains silent after that, which Elide interprets as her sign that she is not needed anymore. Elide decides she does not need the goddess either.

Anneith is later present when Aelin seals the Wyrdkeys with the Lock, and watches silently while Aelin opens the long-awaited Wyrdgate home, and Deanna kills Elena once and for all. She, along with her brethren, are terrified when Aelin opens a Wyrdgate within their world to the hell-realm she encounterd in Rifthold, and begins running towards the first Wyrdgate as Aelin closes it, leaving her and the other eleven gods' fate unknown.


Anneith is very wise and merciful, and also caring. She had a motherly instinct to watch over Elide, and gave good advice. However, as a goddess she was also callous at times, including when she suggested unleashing Erawan on the world again in repayment for Elena breaking their bargain.

Considering her reputation as a goddess of slow deaths, she could also be quite cruel and malicious.

Physical Description

Anneith is beautiful, but harshly so. She has dark black hair and grey eyes.(citation needed)

Powers and Abilities

Anneith is a goddess, so she is immortal. She is also able to shift her form. She's able to speak to humans without being near them, as evidenced by her counsel to Elide. As a goddess, she was omnipotent.



Anneith is the consort of Hellas, and the two have been together for many years. They crossed over into Erilea together, and while they are never shown interacting it can be assumed they cared for each other.



  • Sarah J. Maas likely named Anneith after 'Neith' the Egyptian goddess of wisdom and hunting.
  • Healers from the Torre Cesme pray to Anneith in cases wherein death would be more merciful.(citation needed)


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