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Anielle, also known as the City on the Silver Lake, is a city located in Adarlan. It is ruled by House Westfall.


Anielle is a foreboding city nestled between the White Fang Mountains and Oakwald Forest. Built almost into the side of the mountainous wall that borders it, the city extends from the mountains across a plain to the southern border of the Silver Lake and to the Western Falls, since blocked off by a dam that was put in place by the people to prevent flooding of the plain before the city. Beyond the flat plain lies Oakwald Forest.

Being so close to the White Fangs, Anielle is a perpetually cold and overcast place, plagued constantly by winter winds and snow all year round.[1]

Notable locations

Westfall Keep

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Westfall Keep is the mountain fortress of Anielle, built into the side of the Fangs. It is an enormous and imposing structure carved from grey stone, consisting of several levels that serve as both the seat of the ruling house and sanctuary for Anielle's citizens in times of war.

Oakwald Forest

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The Oakwald forest borders the flat plain that extends from Anielle. It is from here that the people of Anielle take timber to build their houses.

The Silver Lake

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This magnificent feature, which gives Anielle its nickname, is a sprawling body of water located to the north of the city. The lake is described as being so flat that it looks like a mirror, and due to Anielle's constant grey sky appears silver as it reflects the wintery clouds. The valley near the lake is home to dozens of hot springs, offering a welcome respite from the cold to Anielle's citizens.

History & Culture

The people of Anielle are warriors, having spent their lives defending their city from frequent attacks by wild tribes from the mountains. Because of their hard lives, Anielle's citizens forego frivolous decoration and behavior in favour of grim practicality; their homes are built from simple stone from southern quarries, and timber from Oakwald, without any unnecessary furnishings. Despite the city's bleak appearance, Anielle is one of the richer lands in Adarlan, storing a fabled horde of wealth in the catacombs of the Keep.

During Erawan's second wars, Anielle suffered great losses and was almost destroyed by the Valg armies, however they take great pride in the fact that the Valg forces were not able to breach the gates of Westfall Keep. A thousand years later, the city still bears scars from the ancient battles.

After the fall of Terrasen, when Adarlan began its brutal conquest of surrounding territories, Anielle prospered under the rule of Adarlan which provided support in their fight against the Wild Men of the Fangs. The Lord at the time, Lord Westfall, swore allegiance to Adarlan. To his dismay, however, his eldest son and heir abdicated in favor of his brother shortly afterwards, to go live in Rifthold.[2]

During the third of Erawan's wars, Anielle was once again invaded by a force of 10,000 Valg soldiers, forcing its small military force to stand against a much larger foe. Fortunately, help arrived in the form of reinforcements from the Khaganate armies and Anielle was saved, though not without considerable losses.

Notable residents


  • In the third Valg war Anielle's dam was destroyed, flooding the plain before the city. The soldiers fighting on the battlefield were saved by Aelin Galathynius.


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