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When she returns, what she will do to the King of Adarlan will make the slaughtering ten years ago look merciful.

–Aedion in Heir of Fire

Aedion Ashryver is Aelin Galathynius' cousin. He served as a general in Adarlan's military before reuniting with Aelin and joining her court.

He is the current general of Terrasen’s army, the Bane, additionally Aedion currently serves as Prince of Terrasen, Wendlyn and Lord of Caraverre. He is the current owner of the Sword of Orynth and the Shield of Orynth, as protector of Terrasen.


Early Years[]

Aedion's mother, Evalin's cousin, was Gavriel's lover until he was forced to leave because of the blood oath he had taken to Maeve, which compelled him to obey her commands whether he wanted to or not. Fearing that Maeve would discover Aedion's parentage and use that knowledge to exploit him, she never shared with Aedion the identity of his father.

After his mother's death, Aedion was raised in the Galathynius household in Orynth. He and Aelin were very close growing up. He enjoyed being her little guardian, and he planned to take the blood oath to her when she ascended to the throne.

The two of them first encountered Dorian Havilliard as children, before the conquest of Terrasen and war with Wendlyn. Aedion taught Dorian a lesson after the latter spilled tea on Aelin's dress.

Aedion was in Orynth at the time of the slaughter, and thus escaped the fate of his aunt and uncle. Even though he was not at fault for his family members' deaths, Aedion blamed himself for many years, thinking that he should have ridden the countryside estate where they were staying as soon as news of Orlon's assassination broke. From that time onward, Aedion strove to rise in the ranks of Adarlan's army in order to reclaim the Sword of Orynth and gain a position of power that would help him avenge his family. He and the Bane, his squadron, won their first battle when Aedion was eighteen; the King of Adarlan offered him a reward, and he requested the sword.

As a general, Aedion frequently staged battles and exaggerated body counts to aid the rebels in the Staghorn Mountains. He eventually was reunited with Ren Allsbrook and Ren's grandfather, Murtaugh Allsbrook, both of whom he had believed to be dead. At this point, he began working with the rebels in Rifthold.

His swordsmanship and fighting and critical thinking skills were that accomplished, that even Adarlan saw a bigger advantage in letting him live. He was later known as Dorian Havilliard I prodigy general and the fiercest warrior in the north.

Crown of Midnight[]

Dorian mentions Aedion as the heir of the Wendlyn bloodline, one of the fiercest generals of the King of Adarlan, his fathers prodigy general, commonly known as the Wolf of the North.

Heir of Fire[]

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Aedion makes his first physical appearance in the court of Adarlan. He approaches the King, who is quite upset since general's arrival is a month overdue. Aedion astonishes their audience by casually dismissing his tardiness, blaming a winter storm. When the King inquires where the Bane is, Aedion informs him that they will arrive within a week. Aedion informs the King that he comes bearing gifts, but as the pages enter the room with the satchels, the King orders them to take the packages up to his chambers to avoid offending other people before ordering Aedion to attend a war council the following day. Chaol notices the black ring on Aedion's finger and believes that the general is under the thrall of the King by Valg possession.

Aedion joins Chaol and Dorian at their table. He snidely compliments Chaol's scar and taunts him, then expresses interest in meeting the King's Champion. After getting a rise out of Chaol, he moves on to discuss the murder of Baba Yellowlegs.

Much to Dorian's displeasure, the King orders the prince to keep Aedion company for the afternoon. Aedion rejects Dorian's suggestions, insisting on walking through the garden. He hums inappropriate songs and eyes at some women; when the guards aren't looking, he trips Dorian, sending the prince sprawling into a rosebush.

Despite the Bane's absence, Aedion hosts a party in a rented-out tavern in the city and invites many of Chaol's men, including two senior guards who abandoned their posts to join the festivities. When Chaol notices this, he goes to the party to find his missing guards and Aedion, but despite asking numerous people where they last saw the general, they all say he is somewhere different, and Chaol doesn't find him. He resolves to come to the party the next night and find leverage against Aedion.

The next day, Chaol watches as Aedion does an excellent job of ensuring everyone notices him enjoying his own party but slips away when no one, apart from Chaol, pays attention. Chaol continues to follow Aedion through the slums until Aedion stops outside a building and begins talking to a cloaked stranger with twin blades. He sees the two of them go inside and considers that Aedion might be buying illicit substances but is so distracted that he is caught.

Inside the building, Chaol recognizes it as the one where he had once been held hostage as leverage against Celaena. Along with Aedion is the man with the twin blades and an elderly man who is still fit despite his age. He also recognizes them as the man who taunted him in the warehouse and the old man who tried to stop Celaena from killing all the rebels when Chaol was kidnapped. When he is asked, Chaol explains that he came to the warehouse because of Aedion and tells the two other men that no matter what they think, the King of Adarlan still controls Aedion and pointedly looks at the Wyrdstone ring. Aedion becomes interested in Chaol for his knowledge of the ring, whose powers he doesn't understand. He then reveals that when the King gave him the Sword of Orynth, he also offered Aedion a Wyrdstone ring, but thanks to his Fae heritage, he could tell that the ring smelled strange, and instead had a copy made, while he threw the real one into the sea. Aedion tries to get Chaol to tell him more about the King and the Wyrdstone rings, but when Chaol refuses, he answers that his life is already forfeit and that he either can tell them willingly and meet a quick end or have them torture the information out of him. Chaol is disgusted by the thought of dying this way, and as he thinks of Dorian, he realizes that he must protect his best friend. Chaol finally looks at Aedion and tells him that Aelin is alive.

Aedion is standing on an empty dock with Chaol, who is coughing up blood from the slight beating he received as a warning from the man with the scar and twin blades, who is, in fact, Ren Allsbrook, heir and Lord of Allsbrook. Together, Ren and his grandfather, Murtaugh, the elderly man, escaped from the butchering blocks when Ren's parents created a diversion that cost them their lives and the scar on Ren's face. It is revealed that Aedion is often called Adarlan's Whore by those who don't know him due to his apparent betrayal of Terrasen by working presumably willingly for the King of Adarlan. However, ever since Terrasen's fall, Aedion has always hated, undermined, and betrayed the King, as the Bane is comprised entirely of both rebels and rebel sympathizers. Despite his supposed loyalty and subservience to the King, Aedion has been loyal to Terrasen and especially Aelin all this time. While the King did summon Aedion and the Bane to Rifthold, Aedion had come looking for the people who were spreading rumors that Aelin was building an army, which Ren and Murtaugh admitted had been created by Archer Finn. Even though he has spent the last ten years secretly defying the King, Aedion feels incredible guilt over what he has done, even though he won back the Sword of Orynth when the King granted him a boon after his first victory. Before hearing about Aelin, Aedion had been perfectly content to let people believe him to be a traitor to his family, but now he feels more guilt than ever for what he has had to do to maintain his disguise and false loyalty.

Aedion is shocked to hear that Aelin truly is alive, even though the rumors had been a lie. He is even more shocked by the story that Chaol tells him, which is about Celaena Sardothien, the most infamous assassin of Adarlan's empire and Aedion's beloved, long-lost cousin, Aelin. When he realizes that Aelin was the King's Champion, Chaol explains that he hadn't known Celaena's identity when he sent her to Wendlyn. He explains that he'd found out about her Fae heritage and simply meant for her to find refuge amongst the Fae that lives there. Aedion scorns Chaol for having told him all this vital information when Chaol had originally believed him to be possessed and in the service of the King, but Chaol tells him that he knew the risk. Chaol also explains that in other men with Wyrdstone rings, he'd seen a sort of physical darkness in them that he hadn't seen in Aedion. When Aedion asks, Chaol tells him that even Dorian doesn't know about Celaena. Aedion recalls how back in Terrasen, there had been so much worrying and stress about Aelin's magic that they'd considered sending her to multiple schools and teachers, all except for Maeve in Doranelle, who, thanks to Chaol, she ended up seeing anyway. Aedion asks Chaol if Celaena will return, and Chaol admits that he doesn't know. Aedion ponders whether to trust the captain, and Chaol tells him that the reason he'd been tracking the rebels was that they might have valuable information. Aedion considers killing Chaol but then remembers that Chaol had been Celaena, and therefore Aelin's lover, and decides that Chaol is more useful alive than dead thanks to his invaluable information. Aedion asks to know more about the Wyrdstone rings, but Chaol refuses and instead offers to bargain.


Aedion and Chaol later meet in the tomb, having agreed to trade information for information, as Aedion knows about magic's disappearance, and Chaol knows about the Wyrdkeys and the King. As Chaol shows the Eye of Elena which Celaena gave to him before leaving, he explains the Wyrdkeys and the King's possession and use of them. However, Dorian, who kept books about magic in the tomb, comes along and overhears their conversation. He hears his father's power and Celaena's identity before Aedion and Chaol find him. He asks them why they didn't tell him, and Chaol says it was better for him not to know anything if it put him at risk. Dorian is upset that they thought he would tell his father and understands that Chaol and Aedion are working together to free magic. He disapproves of Aedion and Chaol working together, and both he and Aedion are skeptical about one another. Dorian tells them that he will keep their secrets, but he won't participate in what they are doing and leaves. Aedion leaves through the underground waterway and contemplates the King's power and Baba Yellowlegs' visit to the castle. When he reaches the warehouse in the slums, he meets Ren and Murtaugh, who, while knowing Aelin is alive, do not know that she is Celaena Sardothien since Chaol refused to talk to anyone about Aelin except Aedion.

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Queen of Shadows[]

In a deleted scene from Kingdom of Ash, Manon Blackbeak cuts his throat because she couldn’t stand him anymore.

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Aedion with lysandra

With Lysandra

Aedion is imprisoned by the King and is scheduled to be executed on Dorian's birthday. Aedion was rescued by Aelin but not before being injured. He and Aelin share a heartfelt reunion, and he is surprised to find that Aelin does not judge him for what he did during the 10 years they were separated. He soon meets Lysandra and Rowan and seems to be very territorial towards Aelin when he is around Rowan. When he hears about Rowan taking the blood oath to Aelin, he gets infuriated and argues with Aelin. After that, Aelin kicks him out of her apartment, but he stays on the rooftop. He stays there all night, being useful by keeping watch. The next morning he and Aelin swap apologies and forgive each other.

Empire of Storms[]

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Target Exclusive[]

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Barnes & Noble Exclusive[]

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Kingdom of Ash[]

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Aedion has Aelin's snarky, sarcastic attitude and her self-confidence. He is unfailingly loyal, willing to die for his queen, and even besmirch his own name for the good of Terrasen. Over the last few years, he has come to enjoy lavish parties and become licentious to the point where it makes Dorian look celibate. However, in Heir of Fire, it was revealed that he held such parties to distract people from his true motives of working with the rebel movement.

Aedion is bisexual, revealing to Lysandra that he is attracted to people regardless of gender.

Physical description[]

Aedion stands at a towering height of 6 feet and 3 inches, is heavily muscled complemented by striking features and a sun-kissed complexion earned from his time amidst the mountains of Terrasen. As a Demi-Fae, he exudes an otherworldly grace, accentuating his natural allure. He inherited from his father, Gavriel, a predatory stillness. He has long, golden blond locks and turquoise eyes rimmed with gold, a hallmark of House Ashryver. Chaol, highlights Aedions handsomeness upon seeing him, hinting that he succeeds the meaning of the adjective.

Aedion Ashryver’s royal portrait (by madschofield)

Aedion Ashryver’s royal portrait

Chaol, in Heir of Fire, notes the uncanny resemblance between Aedion and Aelin, likening them to mirror images with their shared features of golden-blond hair and Ashryver eyes. They are described as “the other side of their shared coin”.

He is also supposed to look like Gavriel’s murky reflection, due to having the same honed, broad features, for example their “harsh mouth”. They are also mentioned to move alike like “the lion incarnate” (f.e. with grace, predatory stillness, and having an unreadable and intent face). Elide also observes this resemblance, remarking on their uncanny likeness.

However, despite these resemblances, Aedion also strongly takes after his mother, resembling a male iteration of her. This aligns with the notion that Aedion and Aelin share a striking resemblance, since it was mentioned that Aelin resembles Evalin who in turn strongly resembles Aedion's mother. Although it was emphasized that Aedion carries a deeper tan and a more muscular build compared to Aelin.

Adorning his chest is a tattoo, intricately woven into a Terrasen knot, listing the names of individuals within Aelin's court, a symbol of his unwavering loyalty and commitment.

Aedion by PhantomRin


  • Swordsmanship: As a seasoned general and soldier, Aedion is proficient in military combat and fighting with a sword/other weapons.
  • Leadership: Aedion is an accomplished leader, able to both inspire his men and command them tactically effectively.
  • Enhanced Senses: Aedion, being Demi-Fae, has much better senses than the average human (vision, hearing taste, smell, touch).
  • Enhanced strength and speed: It was mentioned that Aedion possesses Fae speed and strength due to being Demi-Fae.
  • Enhanced healing: Aedion, being Demi-Fae, has much better healing abilities than the average human (mostly due to his father’s Fae blood but also slightly due to his mother’s fae ancestry).
  • Hinted immortality: As a Demi-Fae, Aedion is entitled to undergo the Settling, a crucial process which determines whether he will become immortal. It was hinted throughout the books that he would undergo this transformation, given his lineage as the son of the powerful Fae Gavriel. This would also raise the question whether Aedion will relinquish his immortality for a joined life with Lysandra or if he will choose to stay and protect his cousin/queen Aelin. [Kingdom of Ash; ch.10]


Aelin Galathynius[]

Aedion cares very much for his cousin and was often called her best friend, as other children in the castle were scared of her magic. In Kingdom of Ash he swears the blood-oath to her, in front of everyone as promised by Aelin to him.


He and Lysandra meet in Queen of Shadows and he comes to care for her very much to the point of saying that one day he'll marry her.

In Kingdom of Ash he pretends Lysandra doesn't exist and feels resentment towards her. After Lysandra nearly dies he realizes he has mistreated her gravely and apologizes. Towards the end of the book, they admit their true feelings for each other and kiss.

In the epilogue of Kingdom of Ash it is said that Aedion and Lysandra will be married.[citation needed]


Gavriel was Aedion's father. Aedion finds out that Gavriel sired him during Queen of Shadows. They meet during Empire of Storms. Aedion and Gavriel reunite in Kingdom of Ash during the battle at Orynth. Gavriel asks him if Aedion wants to hold the gate together (asking him if Aedion wants Gavriel to be his father), and Aedion says yes. When Aedion runs to the Bane, he sees that Gavriel is at the gate, telling Aedion to close it. Aedion sprints toward his father but sees that Gavriel is already dead, sacrificing himself for Terrasen and his son.

Aedion promises to bury Gavriel in the royal graveyard, and Rowan adds Gavriel's name to the tattoo over Aedion's heart.



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  • Aedion is bisexual[citation needed]
  • Aedion has a tattoo over his heart with the names of the people he loves, named the 'Knot of Terrasen.'
  • As general of the Terrasen army, he is the bearer of the Sword of Orynth.
  • He is the current owner of the Shield of Orynth which he has inherited from Rhoe.
  • If Aelin and Rowan were to die, he would be the King of Terrasen by the Laws of Succession.
  • Lysandra says that his scent smells like a clear brook and new grass.[2]
  • Aedion isn't inherently a prince of Terrasen, as his birth took place in Wendlyn. His mother held royal status in Wendlyn, while his father was a general/Lord in Doranelle. The title of Prince of Terrasen was likely bestowed upon him by Evalin and Rhoe, possibly in recognition of his upcoming role as Aelin's protector and as a gesture of kindness. (Also Aedion's [hypothetical] royal status in Wendlyn is attributed to the fact that his mother held royal position there.)
  • In Kingdom of Ash, Chaol reassures Gavriel that Aedion's feelings towards him are more profound and positive than he outwardly expresses. This is accurate, as evidenced by Aedion's expression of the desire to have Gavriel by his side while battling the Valg in Orynth. Additionally, Aedion reflects on the potential impact his father's presence could have had on both himself and his soldiers.
  • Aedion’s affinity for physical activities stem from him being (genetically) from Wendlyn [father and mother are from Wendlyn]. Wendlyn fae are characterized to be more warlike than their more melancholic Erilean cousins.
  • He is the current owner of the Sword of Orynth and the Shield of Orynth.