She'd kept him safe—had died to keep him out of Maeve's hands.

–Aedion about his mother-Queen of Shadows

Aedion's mother was the unnamed Ashryver mother of Aedion Ashryver. She was the first cousin of Evalin Ashryver.


Not much is known about Aedion's mother, except that she slept with the Fae male Gavriel, with whom she conceived a child, when she was in her early twenties. Gavriel cared deeply for her, but was forced to leave when Maeve ordered him to. After her son Aedion was born, she refused to tell anyone except Evalin Galathynius who his father was and was shunned by her family, accepting their disdain if it protected her son. She never married again after Aedion was born.[1]

When she was twenty-three, Aedion's mother grew ill with a wasting sickness but refused to see a Fae healer for fear that the identity of her son's father would reach Maeve in Doranelle. She did not want Maeve to be able to lay claim to her son through the blood oath with Gavriel. She eventually died, leaving her infant son to be raised by her cousin, Evalin, and her husband Rhoe Galathynius, the only people who knew his father's identity.[2]

For twenty-four years, neither Gavriel or Aedion knew that Gavriel was his father. In fact, for twenty-four years, Gavriel remained unaware that he even had a son. He began to suspect that a child had come of his time with Aedion's mother after meeting Aelin in the battle for Mistward.[3]


Aedion's mother was a very brave and loving woman. She loved her son very much, and went to great lengths to protect him, even to the point of dying for him.

Physical Description

Aedion's mother was said to be similar in appearance to Evalin and Aelin. She had the same golden hair and the typical Ashryver eyes; turquoise ringed with gold. Towards her death, her face became gaunt and grey with illness.



  • Despite being Aedion's mother, her name is never mentioned. It can be assumed that her last name was Ashryver.


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