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• 11/3/2018

I'm confused

So, i have been thinking about what happened on KoA , when Aelin flies across Rhys and Feyre.

My brain is struggling so much about the timeline, like in ACOWAR the Bone Craver talks about her and how the war ended, but when she opened the portal to Prhythian the war is still going on.

I'm the only one that have been thinking so much about this or no?

(Sorry for my english)

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• 10/31/2018

When is Sarah going to put The Kingdom of Ash Playlist on Spotify?

I've went on Spotify a few days back. And I was randomly Scrolling through Spotify Plalists. Then I went onto Sarah J. Maas' Spotify Account and saw that there was no Kingdom of Ash Playlist? 'Cause she Released Tower of Dawn before the book released. Anyone know what happened to it or where it is? Please reply as soon as possible.

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• 10/31/2018

Theme Somgs

If Throne of Glass was adapted into a TV Series by HBO. And was very accurate to the books, and ran for 7 Seasons. What would The Valg' Theme Be? Would Ramin Djawadi be the Soundtrack Artist?

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• 10/29/2018


How many months passed from HoF to the end of EoS?

Also how long did she stay at Mistward?

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• 10/29/2018

KOA discussion

can we discuss everything that happened in koa, please

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• 10/23/2018


OMG, What does everyone think of Kingdom of Ash?

Does it conclude the series well?

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• 10/20/2018

Fan Art

Hey i was wondering, why dont we make a fan-art page? I always see it on other wikis. What you think about it? 😃

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• 10/13/2018


Aedion getting so mad at Lysandra kills me. The person who should have been pissed the most was Rowan. Yet he understood that Aelun will always do what it takes to keep her family and friends protect her people. Aedion woukd have done the same for Aelin and Lysandra. I know he's just upset...maybe feeling a bit betrayed. Hopefully he will come to realise that Lysandra is doing the very same thing that he admires her for...her strength and loyalty. Her compassion.

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• 9/28/2018


In the KoA synopsis it says, "As the threads of fate weave together at last, all must fight, if they are to have a chance at a future. Some bonds will grow even deeper, while others will be severed forever in the explosive final chapter of the Throne of Glass series." When it said some bonds will be severed forever. Does anyone think its referring to deaths of some sort. Hopefully not because I love all the characters too much! But if it as referring to death who do you think it would be? Or what do you think it's referring to if its not referring to death?

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• 9/24/2018

eye color

Why is the golden eye color in witches so needed and why does it make the valg shrink away?
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• 9/11/2018

Dorian's heritage

“The Crown Prince of Adarlan stared at his father unblinkingly, waiting for him to speak. Seated on his glass throne, the King of Adarlan watched him back. Sometimes Dorian forgot how little he looked like his father—it was his younger brother, Hollin, who took after the king, with his broad frame and his round, sharp-eyed face. But Dorian, tall, toned, and elegant, bore no resemblance to him. And then there was the matter of Dorian’s sapphire eyes—not even his mother had his eyes. No one knew where they came from.”

I cant remember if Sarah explained why this was, if she did can someone tell me?
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• 9/2/2018
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• 8/23/2018
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• 7/13/2018


any of you guys got theories for Kingdom of Ash?
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• 7/8/2018

Dorian +Aelin

Aren’t they related
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• 7/6/2018

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• 6/20/2018

Kingdom of Ash

Omg I can’t wait till kingdom of ash comes out! I have re-read ToG and ACOTAR so many times
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• 6/11/2018

Here you go some ToG memes:

Rowan: -loses Aelin in a crowd-
Rowan: -panics-
Rowan: -frantically searches-
Rowan: -sees her entering a bakery-
Rowan: -growls:AELIN, NO-

Rowan: Your mom told you to stay in the bed.
Rowaelin's child: B-but there is a scary monster under the bed!
Rowan: Scarier than Mom?
Rowaelin's child: -goes to bed-

Hope you enjoyeeeeeed 😁 If you want more ToG memes, write down in the comment section!
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• 5/27/2018

I have a question

So I read the first book. I didn't like it so much. The main reason for this was the main character. Celaena talks all about how she could kill, but never does. It breaks the show don't tell rule. For an assassin, she seems to show a reluctance to killing. Does this either get explained, or get fixed? In other words, is it even worth continuing?
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• 5/3/2018

Hulu Upfronts

Hulu upfronts were today, and guess what wasn't announced? TOG:TV/Queen of Shadows.
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